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Case Study: Client Asks For Progress Photos to Show Family and Friends

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Strong, toned and fit, Devya’s* personal life was focused around sculpting her body to the highest standards. So when her hair loss reached the point where it was visibly obvious to everyone else, she was devastated. Her hair loss had been gradually increasing over the past decade, leaving her with a wide part line and thin, limp hair. Having embarked upon a career in the medical field, it was important to Devya that any treatment she undertook was backed by evidence based science. Her partner, having already used Ashley and Martin with excellent results himself, recommended she attend free consultation of her own.

In her initial appointment, her consultant suggested two possible courses of action. One, a home-based low level light therapy treatment and the other a medical hair regrowth treatment program. With no major stresses or health problems impacting her hair’s natural growth cycle, it was likely that Devya’s female pattern hair loss could be reversed without the use of medication. Devya opted to try low level light therapy with Ashley and Martin’s Laser Plus Pro before she turned to a medical hair regrowth program if necessary.

Devya used her laser device as directed by her consultant and after sixteen weeks of treatment, she returned to the clinic to assess how her chosen therapy was working for her. To gain an accurate picture of the changes to her hair, photos had been taken at her initial appointment to compare with ones taken at this review. With the photos displayed side by side, Devya couldn’t believe the differences she was seeing. Impressed with the rapid regrowth she was seeing, Devya asked for the initial and progress photos to be emailed to her so she could share her experience with a friend who was struggling with hair loss.

With renewed confidence, the 32-year-old was able to take to the stage to showcase her body sculpting efforts. Her hair was thick, lustrous and healthy once again, easing her self-consciousness. It felt good to once again have control over the way her whole body looked. And she was happy her friend had come on board for treatment too, Devya couldn’t wait for her to feel as good as she did about herself.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Medication Free Treatment Succeeds Where Pharmacy Products Fail

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Part widening, frontal hair line receding and diffuse hair all over, Janette’s* concern about the detrimental effect her hair quality was having on her appearance continued to grow as the loss progressed. For eight years Janette’s hair quality had been gradually deteriorating. And in that time she had tried specialty shampoos and leave-in treatments, but none of the hair loss solutions she had tried worked.

A simple Google search revealed the impressive results Ashley and Martin were able to achieve with our treatment methods and the excellent reputation we have with current and past clients. Janette called to book her own free consultation.

The scalp examination performed by her consultant confirmed that just like her grandmother, Janette was suffering from female pattern hair loss. Unlike her grandmother who had started to lose her hair in her forties, however, Janette was only 32. Genetic hair loss was a problem that affected both men and women alike in her family. Her maternal uncle and paternal grandfather also suffered.

The consultant offered two potential solutions to Janette’s hair loss. One, a medical hair regrowth treatment program complemented by in-house laser therapy; the other a home-based laser therapy treatment routine with the view to adding in a medical program if a boost in results was needed.

After considering her options for a few days, Janette returned to meet with the clinic doctor. After a check-up and having all her questions answered, Janette opted to take the more natural option. She purchased a LaserPlus Pro device and began to perform her own treatment at home.

In time, people who did not know Janette was treating hair loss were complementing her on how much fuller and healthier her hair was looking. It had taken longer than if she had undergone a medical hair loss treatment, but the results still spoke for themselves. Janette felt great seeing her hair become thicker and healthier. She still underwent periodic shedding phases, but they were not nearly as bad as they used to be and her overall hair density was drastically improved. Using pharmacy shampoos and treatments daily had not yielded any results at all, but wearing a simple Laser Cap every other day for a few minutes had given Janette the hair and confidence boost she was looking for.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Ashley and Martin Progress Review Photos Show Amazing Leap Forward

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Before making the decision to attend a free consultation at Ashley and Martin, 26-year-old Tara* had spent a year in treatment with another hair loss clinic. Twelve months and zero results later, Tara decided to abandon the treatment that merely consisted of non-prescription topical ointments and head massages.

It had been three years since Tara had first been horrified to notice the gradual thinning that was taking place along her part line. Young, healthy and vibrant, Tara felt she was far too young to be losing her hair and far from being ready to give up, she booked her appointment at Ashley and Martin.

After assessing Tara’s hair loss, her consultant recommended a treatment that combined daily in-home laser therapy treatment, herbal supplements and specialised scalp hygiene products. As all of this would take place at home, an Ashley and Martin Review appointment would be conducted every four months to monitor her progress. It was expected that with time, regular treatment and patience, Tara would achieve the hair regrowth she had been looking for.

At Tara’s first Review, she was convinced no changes had taken place at all. Her consultant compared photos taken at the initial appointment with ones taken that day. While these photos showed minimal improvement to date, the condition of Tara’s hair had stopped degrading and fine, new hairs could be seen to be growing in formerly dormant follicles. Her consultant encouraged her to keep up the treatment. It was early days still and now the condition had stabilised, the exciting new growth could begin.

At the eight month review appointment it was clear that an amazing leap forward had been made. Photos from that day were compared to the initial and four month photos to see each stage alongside each other. Thrilled by the progress made so far, Tara and her consultant looked forward to seeing what would be achieved with another four months of treatment.


*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: After Disappointing Remedies, Client Achieves Hair Growth With Ashley and Martin

Monday, May 6th, 2019

For over a decade Pauline* had watched her hair slowly thin. It wasn’t that she had not tried to do anything about it, it was just that nothing had worked to date. Consulting a dermatologist had changed nothing, as had twice daily topical treatments. After using the topical remedy with no success for quite some time, Pauline simply stopped using it. She had not liked the feel of it on her scalp. She then found the active ingredient in her treatment was available orally, unfortunately this did not work either and it had some rather unpleasant side effects.
After discussion with a friend, Pauline called Ashley and Martin to discuss what else could be done to help her. It had been several years of wanting to find an effective treatment for her hair. The 65-year-old held out hope that Ashley and Martin would finally provide the solution.

Before performing a scalp examination, the consultant discussed any factors that may be affecting the quality of Pauline’s hair with her. In addition to the thyroid issues Pauline was experiencing, her stress levels were elevated due to family health problems and her mother provided a genetic link to female pattern hair loss.

The consultant saw several ways forward for Pauline, each effective within a different time frame. After listening to her options, Pauline opted for a home based laser therapy treatment. It may take longer, but it was completely natural and avoided the need to treat her scalp with any topical solutions. She knew that Ashley and Martin had a good name, so she still felt confident choosing a therapy that did not include medical intervention. Her dermatologist, a friend, had attended her appointment with her. Pauline signed up for treatment feeling assured to have several professionals, including the clinic doctor, accessible throughout her treatment.

With treatment performed at home, it was six months before Pauline returned to the clinic for a review appointment. And when she did, she was very happy with the progress the first few months of her treatment had produced. Her hair loss had reduced to a natural rate and the quality and health of her hair had improved no end. She was now able to style her hair to cover any areas of concern and her confidence in continued regrowth had only grown.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Consultant Thrilled to See Friend Regrow Hair

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Every day more of Ava’s* hair was at the bottom of the shower than could possibly be normal. Her abnormally high rate of hair fall over the past two years had led to her having limp and lifeless hair. It was especially hard to look at how wide and sparsely covered her part line had become and her mental health was beginning to be affected by the changes in her appearance. She had tried using shampoos and conditioners that purported themselves as the solution to female hair loss, but she had seen no improvement in her hair or slowing of the worrying loss.

A friend who worked for Ashley and Martin saw how the changes in her hair were affecting her self-esteem and was concerned for her. He invited her to come in to his office and have a chat about how he could help her take control of the situation.

Twenty-eight year old Ava confided that she was under a lot of stress at work and was suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. This hormonal disorder was known to cause hair loss of the scalp along with other heartbreaking problems. In addition to her stress and medical condition, Ava also had a family history of hair loss from her mother that may be impacting her.

Knowing that women with PCOS had received enormous benefit from regular low-level laser therapy used in conjunction with the RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment for women, the consultant discussed this option with Ava and set her up with an appointment with the clinic doctor to discuss it further.

After just four months, Ava left a five star review online she was so happy with the progress of her treatment. And six months after she first sat down with her friend in his office, Ava was thrilled to find her hair was now no longer showing the effects of her PCOS and elevated stress levels. An avid traveller with an active social life, Ava’s treatment program had fit in well with her lifestyle as she was able to complete it quickly whenever and wherever she wanted to. Her hair was thicker and shinier than she had seen it in years. Ava’s consultant was overjoyed to see a spring in his friend’s step and her confidence soar.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Long Journey Leads to Hair Loss Solution without Prescription Medication

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Brenda’s hair loss journey had been a long one. She had tried everything she could possibly think of and was still at a loss as to what to do. Blood tests with her GP, over the counter tablets and topical solutions, natural oils. Nothing had worked. She had been told that her Androgenic Alopecia was likely the result of the polycystic ovary syndrome she had been diagnosed with. The life changing implications of this hormonal disorder were bad enough without adding hair loss into the equation.

Out of options, the 26-year-old responded to an ad for Ashley and Martin on the television. The woman who answered Brenda’s call was friendly and answered all the questions Brenda had regarding her free consultation.

Her consultant was friendly and empathetic. He understood how important healthy hair was to how she saw herself. It had taken only a year for Brenda’s part line to become wide and sparsely covered. She was concerned for her appearance twelve months from now if her alopecia continued to ravage her hair at this rate.

Discussing the options available to her with her consultant, Brenda settled on a treatment plan that met all her needs. Effective, affordable and easy to manage. Instead of going straight to prescription medication, a topical solution, a nutrient supplement targeted towards feeding the roots of her hair and a portable low level laser therapy device she could use at home made up the treatment plan Brenda signed up for that day.

Little by little, Brenda’s hair returned. Photos were taken every four months to track the progress of her treatment and it was reassuring to see new growth every time she visited her consultant. And although it took a little longer, it made Brenda extremely happy that she was able to do it all without the use of prescription medication.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Home Hair Loss Treatment Fits into Busy Schedule and Produces Astounding Results

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Twelve months ago Linda* started to notice the density and quality of her had decreasing. Although it did not come as a surprise as both her mother and grandmother suffered from thinning hair, it was not something Linda was thrilled to see happening to herself. She had been under a great deal of stress recently and hair loss was not something the 33-year-old management professional wanted to add to her list of things to worry about.

Trying to solve the problem on her own, Linda purchased a shampoo that purported to be a specialised product for women suffering from hair loss, Linda found that it did not work as promised. What Linda did not know at the time was that the main two active ingredients in her shampoo were sunscreens, followed by antioxidants, cleansers and proteins. While ideal for providing a healthy environment for new hair to grow, none of these ingredients were targeted at stimulating actual hair growth itself.

When Linda reached the stage where she was ready to accept that her shampoo had been proven to be ineffective, she turned to the internet to research the issue further. Finding Ashley and Martin’s presence online, she used the contact form to request a call from a representative.

Laying out the benefits of an Ashley and Martin treatment program over the remedy she had already tried, her hair loss consultant explained how each component of the suggested treatment plan would work to slow her accelerated thinning and stimulate hair growth. It was a treatment that could be performed at home so it would fit into her busy lifestyle and not add to the stress that was having its own negative impact her hair’s growth cycle.

Hopeful that this more comprehensive plan would provide the treatment she was looking for, Linda enrolled in a program that included a home-use Low Level Laser Therapy device, specially formulated herbal supplements and complementary hygiene products. On top of all of this, her program would include access to the clinic hair loss doctor if she ever had questions or concerns.

After four months of using the program the difference in her hair was astounding. She could see her hair density improving and was elated to see her excess shedding had stabilised and returned to a healthy rate.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Patient Gets Great Results with Ashley and Martin

Monday, August 6th, 2018

It was a combination of topical solution and low-level laser therapy that was recommended to Lisa when she visited the Ashley and Martin clinic for the first time. Her widening part line and thinning hair were a concern to Lisa, her once glossy, smooth hair was now limp and straggly. Knowing how much she wanted her hair back, a family member had encouraged her to go to Ashley and Martin for advice and even went so far as to book the appointment for her.

The first woman in her family to suffer from excessive hair fall, the 30-year-old mother was suffering from an iron deficiency and her high stress levels were impacting the health of her hair’s growth cycle. The recommended course of action would stimulate the dormant hair follicles and prompt them to re-enter their active anagen phase. Feeling this was her only chance at looking and feeling her best again, Lisa chose to get started with her treatment as soon as possible. She ordered her own Laserpro cap and booked an appointment with the clinic doctor to have her solution prescribed.

After five months of using her Laserpro cap as her consultant had shown her and applying her medicated topical solution nightly, Lisa came back to the clinic to assess her progress with her consultant. She had already received positive feedback from her mother who could see the treatment was working. The consultant took new photos of Lisa’s hair so they could get an accurate picture of the changes that had taken place over the last five months. Lisa was extremely happy with the health of her hair and how dense and sleek it was looking. Looking at her new photos Lisa could not see where her hair had been thinning just five months previously.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Laser Therapy Treatment Through Ashley and Martin

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Vibrant 71-year-old, Linda, was unhappy with the way her hair had been getting progressively thinner over the past two years. Her hair, dyed to its former dark beauty to reflect the age she felt inside, was becoming thinner and her part line becoming wider. Refusing to accept this as a permanent change, Linda contacted Ashley and Martin through the online enquiry system.

Women on her father’s side of the family had suffered female pattern baldness before her and for the past twelve months, Linda had been tossing up the idea of speaking with someone about her own thinning hair.

The consultant discussed not only the genetic ties Linda had to hair loss, but any other underlying medical conditions that may be having an adverse effect on her hair’s natural growth cycle. Linda disclosed that she had been contending with thyroid problems for a great deal of time. The diffuse loss she was suffering was likely to be connected with this condition and it would be something for her to discuss with the clinic’s onsite doctor.

With all the information he needed to make an informed decision about the best direction for Linda’s treatment, her consultant spoke with her about the efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy and Ashley and Martin’s specially formulated nutritional supplements. He believed her Ludwig level II loss would be best addressed with daily laser therapy performed at home with a small, portable laser device in conjunction with nutritional supplements to feed the roots of her hair.

After four months of the simple daily routine the consultant had laid out for her, Linda returned to the clinic to see the results of her efforts. The consultant took new photos and put them up on the monitor next to the ones he had taken four months previously. Seeing the striking difference in these before and during photos absolutely made Linda’s day. She was thrilled with how much thicker and healthier her hair was looking. So much so that after leaving the clinic she told everyone who would listen about the wonderful treatment she had received at Ashley and Martin.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Rapid Results with Ashley and Martin Treatment Program

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Twenty-seven year old Aarushi was struggling with Telogen Effluvium for four months. She was underweight, not sleeping well, skipping meals and suffering from anaemia. Her worries about the effect her hair loss was having on her appearance only compounded the stress she was experiencing having started a new job that involved shift work. She had tried treating her thinning hair with over the counter remedies, but nothing had helped and it only continued to thin.

For the past month, the idea of seeking professional help for her problem had been playing on her mind. After a simple Google search she found the answers she was looking for and contacted Ashley and Martin online. The bride-to-be only had six months left before her wedding to fix her situation.

Speaking to her Ashley and Martin consultant, she confided the stresses she had been under the last six months and the negative effect the shift work was having on her eating and sleeping patterns. With no family history of hair loss, her consultant knew that this temporary hair loss condition could be turned around quickly with regular laser therapy and medication. With her cousin alongside her for moral support, Aarushi signed up for treatment immediately.

Aarushi took her medication faithfully and attended the Ashley and Martin offices regularly to have her laser therapy treatments. Before long, Aarushi and her cousin began to see improvements.

Along with her hair, Aarushi’s confidence in herself improved. She no longer felt depressed about her hair, had a more positive outlook on life and was not focussed on her hair fall.

Aarushi was able to finish planning her wedding with the knowledge that she had acted in time to save her hair. Her wedding photos would be everything she had dreamed of.

*name changed to protect privacy