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March 22, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Stressed client turns to Ashley and Martin on hairdresser’s recommendation.

Sandy* had watched the health of her hair deteriorating for nearly 10 years. She had used over the counter hair regrowth shampoos but nothing had helped and she was growing more and more concerned about the way she looked. Her hair was thinning in the left and right temporals, her crown and her middle parting. Her partner had been very supportive and said that it didn’t matter…but it did matter; at least to Sandy.

It was Sandy’ s hairdresser who recommended she try Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics. The first consultation was free and there was no obligation. Sandy made an online appointment and not long after found herself face to face with a friendly hair restoration specialist.

Before performing a scalp examination, her consultant discussed possible factors that might be impacting on the quality of Sandy’s hair. She disclosed that her stress levels were often elevated due to her very busy role managing four practices and the day to day management of this, combined with her face to face client contact had lead to her often feeling tired and stressed. She also suffered from anxiety – which she currently managed with medication.

Because Sandy was already taking medications, she felt reassured signing up to the 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment program because she knew that there were several professionals, including the clinic doctor, accessible to her throughout her treatment plan and that her current medications had been taken into account when she had been diagnosed.

Within four months, her hair loss had reduced to a natural rate and the quality and health of her hair had improved so much that Sandy (who was very impressed with the results) had already recommended the same treatment plan to her sisters. When asked by the consultant how she felt about her early results she replied that she was very happy and loved her ‘new fluffy hair’.


*name changed to protect privacy