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March 18, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Daughter Beats the Hair Loss Her Mother Had Passed Down

In the early stages of thinning, Liz’s* part line was becoming troublingly wide. Her mother’s hair had thinned in the same way when she was younger and Liz was worried about how bad her own hair might get if she did not do something about it. She had tried all manner of home-made remedies, but the 22-year-old had not had any success in stopping the accelerated shedding on her own. Supported by her husband and encouraged by a family member, Liz reached out to Ashley and Martin for help.

With her husband along for moral support, Liz attended a free consultation to find out what help was available to her. Her consultant took time to get to know her family history of hair loss, her relevant medical information, and perform a scalp examination. Moreover, he took the time to listen to Liz and really hear how her hair loss was affecting her. Feeling comfortable with her consultant, Liz shared that she had been watching her hair gradually diminish since she was 17 years old. Having helped many women in the past, the consultant understood how she felt about her hair and outlined a way to stop the excess shedding and regrow hair from the dormant follicles. With a combination of topical and oral prescription medication and low light laser therapy, he was confident Liz would recover what she had lost over the years.

And he was not wrong. With the oral medication acting to stop the process causing her hair to shed and the topical medication and laser therapy stimulating growth, Liz’s prominent part line began to decrease in size. With the overall health of her hair increasing and dormant follicles re-entering their growth phase, Liz was pleased to see that Ashley and Martin really could provide a medical hair regrowth treatment that works.


*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy