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August 14, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Client Asks For Progress Photos to Show Family and Friends

Strong, toned and fit, Devya’s* personal life was focused around sculpting her body to the highest standards. So when her hair loss reached the point where it was visibly obvious to everyone else, she was devastated. Her hair loss had been gradually increasing over the past decade, leaving her with a wide part line and thin, limp hair. Having embarked upon a career in the medical field, it was important to Devya that any treatment she undertook was backed by evidence based science. Her partner, having already used Ashley and Martin with excellent results himself, recommended she attend free consultation of her own.

In her initial appointment, her consultant suggested two possible courses of action. One, a home-based low level light therapy treatment and the other a medical hair regrowth treatment program. With no major stresses or health problems impacting her hair’s natural growth cycle, it was likely that Devya’s female pattern hair loss could be reversed without the use of medication. Devya opted to try low level light therapy with Ashley and Martin’s Laser Plus Pro before she turned to a medical hair regrowth program if necessary.

Devya used her laser device as directed by her consultant and after sixteen weeks of treatment, she returned to the clinic to assess how her chosen therapy was working for her. To gain an accurate picture of the changes to her hair, photos had been taken at her initial appointment to compare with ones taken at this review. With the photos displayed side by side, Devya couldn’t believe the differences she was seeing. Impressed with the rapid regrowth she was seeing, Devya asked for the initial and progress photos to be emailed to her so she could share her experience with a friend who was struggling with hair loss.

With renewed confidence, the 32-year-old was able to take to the stage to showcase her body sculpting efforts. Her hair was thick, lustrous and healthy once again, easing her self-consciousness. It felt good to once again have control over the way her whole body looked. And she was happy her friend had come on board for treatment too, Devya couldn’t wait for her to feel as good as she did about herself.





*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy