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About Ashley and Martin

In response to a genuine need in Australia for the most up-to-date hair loss prevention technology, Ashley & Martin was created in 1964. With a determined dedication to consistently review treatment options, we still today remain the clear leader in the field of medical hair loss treatment.

All of our Doctors are trained by Dr Mario Terri. Dr Terri is one of the leading medical doctors in this industry today. In addition, teaming up with our Doctors is our in-house pharmacy team. No other company in Australia or New Zealand have their own specialist pharmacists creating unique pharmaceutical compounds to suit each individuals needs.

Ashley & Martin Consultants are also trained by Dr Mario Terri. Through the work of our Doctors and Consultants, Ashley and Martin patients are given the very best options on how to treat their condition. And because of our massive success rate, each year we significantly increase our active patient base. This makes us easily the largest medical hair loss centres in the Southern Hemisphere. 2010 data shows that 70% of hair loss industry marketing is Ashley and Martin’s. With such overwhelming presence, we ARE the hair loss industry. We love what we do and will continue to strive to improve what is available to our patients. In stating this we do find that many companies in our industry are not medical and do not have our ethics. Ashley and Martin is not a regulator and have no desire to become one. If you have experienced unconscionable behaviour from a commercial hair loss company then you should look at the A.C.C.C or your state based Fair Trading Commission.

The future for Ashley and Martin is very bright with our foot print in Australia and New Zealand ever expanding. Future offices are being considered in  Geelong, Hobart, Darwin and Hamilton in New Zealand. Our current growth into Newcastle, Canberra, Wellington and Christchurch means that we have many career opportunities which are now available. If you have a passion for working to assist people and want to contribute to the growth of Ashley and Martin, then please send through your Curriculum to us.