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April 22, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Failed Dermatology Treatment Leads Client to Seek Hair Loss Help From Ashley and Martin

For the past three years, Suki* had been concerned about her extensive hair loss. Her dermatologist had prescribed her a minoxidil based solution to use, however even with no family history of hair loss, increasing numbers of hair follicles continued to shed and stay dormant. Stressed from the responsibilities of raising a young family, Suki sought help from Ashley and Martin after searching Google for some answers.

With her small daughter and husband along for support, Suki attended her free consultation two months after she had first started to seriously consider looking for an alternative hair loss treatment. And upon examining her scalp, the Ashley and Martin hair loss consultant observed that the extensive female pattern baldness that was troubling her was unfortunately characterised by some permanent loss. Sparsely covered across her part line, Suki hoped the treatment at Ashley and Martin would work better than the one prescribed by her dermatologist. Explaining to Suki and her husband why the dermatologist’s approach was not able to achieve the regrowth she was looking for, he outlined the treatment program he would recommend and offered to book her in to see the clinic doctor for a check up and to have medication prescribed to resolve her hair loss problems. At 42 years old, Suki was ready to fix the problem and signed up for treatment straight away.

In addition to being provided with the medication she would need to decrease the shedding to a natural rate and reactivate dormant hair follicles, the hair loss doctor prescribed her an anti-androgenic medication to tailor the program to her needs and advised her to start on iron supplements due to the low iron levels that had been identified.

And after four months of diligently following her program, Suki attended a review appointment to track her progress on her medical hair loss treatment program. Her family had been extremely encouraging, and seeing her progress photos side by side, Suki could see why. With enthusiasm and optimism, Suki left the clinic to continue her successful hair loss treatment program.


*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy