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Case Study 13 – Female Pattern Hair Loss

November 03, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Fifty-seven years old and finding a worrying amount of fallen hair on her clothes, Rose* called Ashley and Martin hoping to find some way of stopping the hair loss which affected the women in her family around menopause age.  A biopsy taken by a dermatologist had already confirmed Rose was suffering from Female Pattern Hair Loss. …Read More



Case Study 12 – Female Hair Loss Solved for Wedding

October 15, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A sixty year old female patient presented with ten years of hair loss. There was significant loss through the parting area on the top of the scalp, extending down past the crown area. The areas of loss clearly displayed female pattern baldness. The patient also had a family history of hair loss among female members, …Read More



Case Study 11 – Female Hair Loss Patient Surprised by Results

September 29, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A 27 year old female presented with significant thinning throughout the top and rear of her scalp. The patient thought the loss had been occurring for approximately 3-4 years. Over the past 12 months the hair loss had sped up, which prompted the patient to consider treatment more so, than during the previous 3 years. …Read More



Case Study 10 – Impressive Hair Loss Reversal After Just Four Months

September 17, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Female patient came for initial consultation at Ashley and Martin in April 2015. She is in her late 40’s and has been experiencing hair loss for approximately 10 years in total. There is no known female history; however her father experienced male pattern baldness. We then requested blood tests, but these returned showing no reason …Read More



Case Study 09 – Female Hair Loss Addressed with Ashley and Martin Lasercap

September 03, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Introduction A 50 year old woman presented with hair loss to her forehead and crown. Her hair loss had slowly been worsening for the last 10 years. She reported no excessive hair loss (shedding), but was concerned that her scalp hair was becoming thinner and thinner, especially over the last several years. Patient background This …Read More



Case Study 08 – Ashley and Martin Results After Nine Months

August 20, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A 38 year old female presented to Ashley and Martin with female hair loss. This included topical thinning throughout the top, sides, and back of her scalp. The hair strands had also become significantly thinner. The hair loss had been occurring for about 12 months. The loss had slowly been increasing over this time. The …Read More



Case Study 07 – Lasercap stabilises hair loss

July 03, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A 19 year old female presented with thinning hair throughout the top of her scalp. She had tried a variety of shampoos and nutritional supplements which had not seemed to have helped with her hair loss. She was also noticing more hair fall than usual. A recent blood test confirmed that she had no pre-existing …Read More



Case Study 06 – Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss

May 05, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A 38 year old Persian female attended the free consultation offered by Ashley and Martin, as the consultation proceeded a scalp examination was conducted. It was evident that the pattern of hair loss was characterised by loss of density (Androgenic Alopecia), she indicated in her questionnaire areas of concern were both hair loss and scalp …Read More



Case Study 05 – Female 49 with scalp visibility

April 10, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Female 49, presented with scalp visibility, poor quality hair and chronic daily shedding. She was anxious and rarely attended social functions. Examination showed advanced thinning on the top area of the head and thinning in the temple area consistant with Female pattern thinning and Telogen Effluvium. Client was started on a combination of oral medication, …Read More



Case Study 04 – 4 to 5 Year Hair Loss History

March 27, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A 27 year old Caucasian woman presented with approximately 4-5 year history of thinning hair throughout the scalp. Patient reported a steady decrease in hair density around the frontal and crown areas. She reported no follicle inflammation, pain or itching. Previous over the counter therapies had been tried with no success. Examination revealed an extensive …Read More