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December 05, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Home Hair Loss Treatment Fits into Busy Schedule and Produces Astounding Results

Twelve months ago Linda* started to notice the density and quality of her had decreasing. Although it did not come as a surprise as both her mother and grandmother suffered from thinning hair, it was not something Linda was thrilled to see happening to herself. She had been under a great deal of stress recently and hair loss was not something the 33-year-old management professional wanted to add to her list of things to worry about.

Trying to solve the problem on her own, Linda purchased a shampoo that purported to be a specialised product for women suffering from hair loss, Linda found that it did not work as promised. What Linda did not know at the time was that the main two active ingredients in her shampoo were sunscreens, followed by antioxidants, cleansers and proteins. While ideal for providing a healthy environment for new hair to grow, none of these ingredients were targeted at stimulating actual hair growth itself.

When Linda reached the stage where she was ready to accept that her shampoo had been proven to be ineffective, she turned to the internet to research the issue further. Finding Ashley and Martin’s presence online, she used the contact form to request a call from a representative.

Laying out the benefits of an Ashley and Martin treatment program over the remedy she had already tried, her hair loss consultant explained how each component of the suggested treatment plan would work to slow her accelerated thinning and stimulate hair growth. It was a treatment that could be performed at home so it would fit into her busy lifestyle and not add to the stress that was having its own negative impact her hair’s growth cycle.

Hopeful that this more comprehensive plan would provide the treatment she was looking for, Linda enrolled in a program that included a home-use Low Level Laser Therapy device, specially formulated herbal supplements and complementary hygiene products. On top of all of this, her program would include access to the clinic hair loss doctor if she ever had questions or concerns.

After four months of using the program the difference in her hair was astounding. She could see her hair density improving and was elated to see her excess shedding had stabilised and returned to a healthy rate.





*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy