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July 05, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Case Study: Ashley and Martin GP Supports Client in Root Causes of Hair Loss

Amy* had been using over the counter remedies to treat her hair loss for the past six months.  Unfortunately her hair was still shedding excessively causing noticeable thinning.    It had been five years since she had noticed her hair becoming sparser and she was becoming increasingly concerned about how it was impacting her appearance.  Her scalp was tender and she occasionally developed small sores where her hair was falling out.  Amy was 63 and the hair loss that had been affecting her since her late 50’s was affecting her battle with anxiety and depression.  Hearing how Ashley and Martin could help her on the television, Amy went online to find out more and submit an internet enquiry.

Her consultant listened to Amy talk about the things that were causing her stress in her life and her family history of hair loss.  Both her mother and grandmother had suffered from thinning hair in the same way Amy was.  After a scalp examination he diagnosed her with Female Pattern Hair Loss and explained that effects of this could be intensified by stress and other medical issues.

Amy signed up for her Lasercap and medications program straight away.  If there was a chance she could avoid further hair loss and regrow the hair she had lost, she would take it.  She was booked in to see the clinic doctor who, like her own GP, looked at her blood results to find out if there were medical issues exacerbating Amy’s hair loss.  The clinic doctor saw a few areas of concern that he believed had been impacting Amy’s hair growth cycle and worked with her to get these under control also.

After 5 months on the program and consistent use of her Lasercap, Amy was very pleased with the results she had received to date.  Her hairdresser had commented on how much denser and stronger Amy’s hair was getting and wanted to know what she was doing to achieve such substantial changes in her hair. With her hair stronger and her scalp no longer tender, Amy was able to start styling her hair a little more.  The improvement in her hair increased Amy’s confidence and self-esteem.




*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy