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July 10, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Ashley and Martin Treatment Halts Shedding and Improves Hair Quality

Enough was enough for Nicola*, if her hair did not stop falling out soon she was afraid at 34 she wouldn’t have anything left. Nicola’s hair had gone through frequent shedding phases since she stopped taking the contraceptive pill two years ago but over the last four to five months the shedding had become excessive, the area in her fringe was becoming noticeably sparse with the scalp showing. Nicola’s mother had always had thin hair but there was no evidence of genetic hair loss running through the family.

Nicola researched female hair loss on the Internet and was drawn to the successful journeys of other female Ashley and Martin patients. Nicola realized she was not alone; this gave her the courage to call and make her free consultation appointment at her local Ashley and Martin clinic.

A scalp examination was carried out by a  consultant who advised Nicola the excess shedding had in fact triggered the start of genetic thinning, evidenced by the patch in the front. This could indicate the onset of genetic hair loss but Nicola was reassured that the effects could be reversed if caught early enough, with an Ashley & Martin medical program and a low level laser therapy device. These treatments would stimulate the hair follicles back into a growth phase and improve the overall quality and thickness.

As with all Ashley and Martin female patients the clinic Doctor completed blood tests to ensure Nicola had no underlying medical conditions which may have been contributing to her hair loss. Satisfied with the results and that there were no contributing underlying factors that needed to be addressed first, the Doctor confirmed Nicola was suitable to commence treatment.

Nicola was relieved that her consultant had not made her feel pressured to make any decisions immediately; wanting to take time to absorb and understand the information she had been given. Her consultant has suggested Nicola think things over and she would call her back in a few days. She left the clinic reassured she had time make an informed decision. It wasn’t long before Nicola returned to make a start on her RealGROWTH® program.

When Nicola returned for her 4 month checkup and comparison photos she was delighted to see her results, her hair was visibly thicker all over and she could also feel the improved quality. Nicola informed her consultant she found the Laser treatment routine easy to fit into her busy lifestyle and the solution was also very easy to apply. Nicola no longer felt dread when thinking about her appearance, feeling thankful she had started her treatment when she did.





*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy