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Case Study: Patient Gets Great Results with Ashley and Martin

August 06, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

It was a combination of topical solution and low-level laser therapy that was recommended to Lisa when she visited the Ashley and Martin clinic for the first time. Her widening part line and thinning hair were a concern to Lisa, her once glossy, smooth hair was now limp and straggly. Knowing how much she wanted …Read More



Case Study: Laser Therapy Treatment Through Ashley and Martin

June 25, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Vibrant 71-year-old, Linda, was unhappy with the way her hair had been getting progressively thinner over the past two years. Her hair, dyed to its former dark beauty to reflect the age she felt inside, was becoming thinner and her part line becoming wider. Refusing to accept this as a permanent change, Linda contacted Ashley …Read More



Case Study: Rapid Results with Ashley and Martin Treatment Program

June 06, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Twenty-seven year old Aarushi was struggling with Telogen Effluvium for four months. She was underweight, not sleeping well, skipping meals and suffering from anaemia. Her worries about the effect her hair loss was having on her appearance only compounded the stress she was experiencing having started a new job that involved shift work. She had …Read More



Case Study: Success of Laser Therapy Treatment With Ashley and Martin

May 09, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

It had been over two decades since Elissa had first noticed the effects of the hair loss passed down to her from her mother’s side of the family. She had taken a nutrient complex available to her over the counter to reverse the loss, but her hair remained thin all over. Although Elissa had seen …Read More



Ashley and Martin Lives up to Reputation with Tailored Hair Loss Treatment Program

October 09, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Sabine’s* husband was familiar with the Ashley and Martin name; he knew they were a reputable long established company within Australia. After six months of watching a frustrated Sabine try various over the counter products and Chinese herbal medication he suggested she finally speak to the experts about her thinning hair. With his support they …Read More



Ashley and Martin’s Laser Treatment Boosts Confidence for Teacher

September 20, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Taking a well-rested holiday from teaching in the Maldives, Harsha* made an appointment for a free consultation. Well aware of Ashley and Martin’s reputation Harsha’s family had urged her to make an appointment to discuss her hair loss whilst on holiday. Harsha’s hair had been thinning for the last 8 years but recently it was …Read More



Ashley and Martin Treatment Halts Shedding and Improves Hair Quality

July 10, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Enough was enough for Nicola*, if her hair did not stop falling out soon she was afraid at 34 she wouldn’t have anything left. Nicola’s hair had gone through frequent shedding phases since she stopped taking the contraceptive pill two years ago but over the last four to five months the shedding had become excessive, …Read More